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Rigaud, QC

Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G

Hey guys, I've been wondering for a while, why does my router lag when I watch a video? Me and my bro are on this wireless router (Linksys WRT54GL) and everytime that I watch a video and he's playing counter strike or whatever he's always like WTF are you downloading sh*t. This is retarded, because if we both play video games it's fine, but I can't watch videos? I also tryed to get help by calling the linksys company, but she told me that my warranty is expired and that I should pay a guy 40$ (which is probably the price of my current router) to get help. That is pretty clever, I love the service. Anyway anyone have any clues of what it could be? I'm tired of hearing my brother whine all the time I watch a damn video, it's getting annoying.. Thanks !!

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
Probably an issue with bandwidth being divided between the two computers with G speeds. I think streaming video takes up more bandwidth then with playing games so perhaps the router is getting overwhelmed? What video quality setting are you using when streaming video? What is your internet download speed and have you considered replacing the router with an N model? »homestore.cisco.com/en-us/Router ··· prod.htm
»homestore.cisco.com/en-us/Router ··· prod.htm

The Flash
Go Leafs Go
Toronto, ON
reply to Alex211
I'm guessing when you both play video games, you can't watch videos because it lags?

I'd look into putting Tomato firmware on your router and setting some QoS.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
Thats an idea but if its a technical issue with the router instead of a software issue, it would be like trying to squeeze blood from a stone, ie limited ram capacity, limited flash capacity, limited processor speed, still G speed