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Acanac tech support is useless!!!

I had paid for a full year of DSL service. I had moved in with a relative who has a Bell phone line so I got my account and credit transferred to his name since I no longer need my own phone line.

The problem is they cant seem to activate my service and they keep telling me that either "the line is incompatible" or "there are other products/services on the line" or "it is fios only". I got my relative to call and all he has is a basic phone line and I am told to email billing. I email billing and it ends up in the same result and this is probably my 3rd time running around in the same circle.

I then ask if I can use my existing credit and get the "silver" 12Mbps package and I am told to email billing. "Exavior" was rude on the phone and of no help to me, they do not have level 2 support or any supervisors that they can transfer my call over to. They have limited access to any specific information to help resolve this issue in a timely manner.

I have sent several emails and even handwritten faxes explaining my situation and requesting someone to call me and resolve this since I AM STILL PAYING FOR THIS CRAP!!!

I even signed up for dialup from another company just so that I dont have to keep running to the internet cafe and friends houses just to check the same repetitive emails with obscure and useless information.

The service works as advertised but if there is any situation beyond signing up and taking my money they are absolutely useless!!!

I have gone 2 weeks without the internet that I already paid for!!!

I called bell and there is not other service on my line.

I spoke to neighbors and they have a similar DSL product to mine (copper wire DSL) so I dont understand why mine does not work and why my line is "incompatible".

I hate how I can only contact billing by email which doesnt help WHEN I HAVE NO GODDAMN INTERNET!!!

If they are unable to either change my service plan to something that is "compatible" with my line (which is a lie cause this area has had copper DSL for ages) or if they tell me that there is still a block on my service I have no choice but to other than getting the remainder of my balance back and calling Teksavvy or some other company that my friends are always praising.

TLDR: phone reps are unable to help or just useless, I get the runaround constantly, have to pay for dialup just to be able to email billing since the billing department is to retarded and does not offer any phone or realtime support, no 2nd tier support, nobody cares!!!

Trenton, ON

Re: Acanac Inc.

I could not ask you earlier since forums were down but did you ever get this issue resolved?


North York, ON
reply to shiv1867

Re: Acanac tech support is useless!!!

Try their billing department.... oh no you can't reach billing department by phone...

Once you give them your credit card, just watch them keep charging you.

Trenton, ON

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If you cancel before your renew date and send in ONE ticket and wait for a reply instead of keep emailing them then yes theepan your service would have been canceled by now.

Please pm me with your name on account and user name and I will look up your account to see what is happening with your cancellation.