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Brook Park, OH
·WOW Internet and..

WOW phone - better deal than AT&T landline?

The AT&T landline at my house currently runs $25 + change for a line with unlimited local outbound and toll-free-number calls, unlimited inbound calls from anywhere (except for collect calls accepted of course ) and no other features (except for touch-tone that was added about 20 years ago when it became free ). The long distance bill to Pioneer Telephone runs about $3 or less a month (usually way less than 100 minutes).

I currently have Digital TV Basic + 15/1 internet + 3 HDTV receivers for $100 + change. The WOW website shows Digital TV Basic + 15Mbps Internet + Essential Phone for $102 and $82 for Digital TV Basic + 15Mbps Internet with HD (what we have now).

So that would be $20 for the basic service + $7 for the required modem that provides the WOW phone service (I can't use my owned modem anymore, right?) plus the $4 "Network Access Fee" going into effect next month. Total cost: $31, right? Any other phone-related charges and fees I need to tack onto the $31?


Naperville, IL

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You can keep your own modem.

Digital TV Basic + 15/1 + Essential + 3 HD Receivers: $116 + tax/fees

You can use your own modem, so long as it is an eMTA (has a phone port on the back). You'd probably want to add the line fee. You'd be at $120 + tax.

The price of HD is $7 because that is the cost of having an HD receiver. If one of your TVs is SD, you should swap the HD box for an SD box, which is included in your plan. You'd save $7 a month with no sacrifice of features.

EDIT: You can't use your own modem. My bad.


Royal Oak, MI

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said by sgc:

You can keep your own modem.

I was under the impression that if you had phone service from WOW!, you had to lease their modem. No way out of that. And I pay $5 for my modem. I have 15/1 internet with Advanced Phone. Even with the modem charge, my rate is less than what I was paying for U-Verse 6/1 internet with Unlimited Phone (no modem charge).


If your using wow phone then you have to use one of there emta's. EOS.

Naperville, IL
said by getttittt :

If your using wow phone then you have to use one of there emta's. EOS.

This is correct. To have our phone service, you will have to rent a modem. We can not provide phone service through a customer owned modem (99% of which aren't capable of it anyway).