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Re: [Internet] Anyway to get around bandwidth limits?!

said by CyberCam:

said by tiredofbandw :

I've racked up a huge amount of fees with bell for going over their limit. $120 in two months and I am tired of it. My limit is currently 250gb so i'm already paying an extra $15 a month for this horseshit. Anything I can do to circumvent bell's BW limits? I tried getting the nexicom login but it was just my luck that the day i called to get one they stopped selling them. So what can I do? Jailbreak the modem? Bribe a tech? Take a baseball bat to the cable box? Anything

I don't mean to rub it in, but I'm with Teksavvy and I have 2x 5Mb/800Kb lines that are MLPPP which I gladly pay $91 a month... I have 300GB a month per line, so I actually have 600GB per month 10Mb/1.6Mb MLPPP.

Anyway, last month was a biggie for me because I hit 500GB, which I don't usually go that high, my average is about the 200GB mark, but the extra is there if I need it.

Do yourself a favor, get the Teksavvy MLPPP if you don't mind buying a couple of TP-Link $25 modems and I $40 to $60 Linksys WRT54G or TP-Link WR1043ND routers. You get highspeed and 600GB per month for under $100. It's fast, reliable and has a lot of wiggle room for those heavy download months.

Unless there's no Cable or higher then 6mbps DSL package in your area... MLPPP doesn't make sense if you want speed or caps, or both.