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Reading, PA
reply to gar187er

Re: [Connectivity] Help: We accidentally cut our comcast HCI lin

said by gar187er:

you will NEVER find a catv drop 18" underground.....3-6" sure.....not 18".....it shouldnt take an hour to dig up a drop....

I wouldn't say never.. Although very rare, during the time I worked @ Comcast I encountered a few u/g drops buried 2' or deeper. I recall one service call.. I forget what they were doing, but the customer had called the PA 1 Call, I could see the flags and paint markings. Nevertheless the backhoe found and pulled up their RG6 drop - at a depth close to 3 feet.

I guess it all depends on who installs the line, normally it's 8-12 inches but some builders around here have been known to bury lines rather deep. I don't have to tell you what a royal pain that can be, especially if it's raining or just recently rained.