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Dunga Bee
Put A Little Butter On It

reply to Brom

Re: [game] Newbie F11

said by Brom:

...your reaction to an L-3 vote seemed off to me.

Aha! That was a bit of a light bulb moment for me. I never thought of that aspect of the game.

I just see a vote as a vote other than the hammer vote. I see your point now. I felt like any vote has meaning and reacted accordingly. I see your point now about the significance or lack of based on how close the vote places you to an actual lynch.

I also do not want or expect any leniency for being new. You may choose not to vote based on a mistake because I am new and you are uncertain if my mistake was real or fake or whatever. But, don't keep me alive just because I am new and you think I should get to play longer or something like that.