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Mobile, AL

Anomymous posters strike again

I love how all these anonymous posters seem to come out of the woodwork after every positive review. Surly they are not competitor employees - naw, they would not do that, would they?


You sound like a direcTV associate yourself. Why are you so bent on accusing people of being the competition? DirecTV sucks ass and that's that! They are thieves, they are unprofessional and I will never ever get DirecTV again. They accused me of skipping a payment which I never did, so hen I was ready to cancel, they debited $150 from my account. Bunch of assshole thieves and their services suck. Once they get you on the hook for a 2 year contract, they don't give a damn. They get rude and I even had a CSR hang up in my face. That's how much they care. DO NOT GET DIRECTV. Be warned!

Mobile, AL

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I had a long reply ready, but on second thought I'll just let your post speak for itself.


Los Angeles, CA
reply to stev32k
Well, I'm not anonymous and my father was launch co-ordinator for Hughes Space and Communications Group which put up the satellites that DirecTV uses.

The minor bad things are that there is never anything to watch, and even though paying a fortune, there still were endless commercials, not only on programs but even on the menu!

The worst thing, though, is how dishonest the company is. They signed a contact with me for $29/mo. They then charged me $67/mo anyway. When I called them and faxed a copy of my contract, they said "So sue us."

I signed up in loyalty to my father and Hughes (for which I also worked for a while), but this is one of the worst and most dishonest companies I have ever dealt with, and is far, far removed from Hughes.
DirecTV is the worst! »