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Burnt Out Cynic
reply to djrobx

Re: End of Windows XP support means beginning of security...

I think it would be safe to say that many 3rd party programs will still run fine on XP even after it's no longer officially supported as long as they are 32-bit, but other support might be lacking like directx 11/12 support for games unless they still supported DX 9. Some software still runs fine on 2K, but there are changes under the hood which are less obvious to the consumers between these major versions which prevent newer software from running. Maybe it's a new runtime/etc..

I will however be glad when IE 6 dies with XP, may that proprietary browser die a horrible death even if corporations don't like it, and their custom software no longer works. Businesses are required to protect their customers data, and they can't reliably do that on an outdated operating system. Computers which need to run custom software, and don't have the requirement to deal with sensitive data is acceptable, like computers that run manufacturing machines, they don't even necessarily need to be networked, otherwise put on their own subnet on the intranet.
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Evilly Yours - Evilness

I would not bet on that. If the software vendor decides to use the new APIs that Windows offers...
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Not planning on upgrading XP software. 2 computers offline anyway. Can't get security apps for laptop - hello, Linux