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Toa Baja, PR

Looking for Fiber Optic

Any ISP in Puerto Rico that could give me quotes on diffrent prices and orientation? Im trying to start my ISP business. Please anyone thankyou.

Global Fiber

Hello - my firm is a telecom consultancy with high emphasis on ISP backbone deployment in the lower 48 states and 147 foreign countries. There are two heavy hitters already on the island so you already know who your competition is, and I have assisted them when I worked for Sprint, MCI and AT&T on similar projects. One of the issues with PR is the undersea links to Miami being small OC 48's so they are (or were) getting very close to capacity last time I checked. I do not charge you for consultation or advice, and I can get multiple quotes for bandwidth as availability will allow, so email me your full address and tel # where you would want an ISP circuit to be installed and tell me how much speed you are looking to start up with, and I will see what we can get for you. Email me at steve@globalfiberanddata.com Thank you!

Bandwidth Quotes

Chesapeake, VA
reply to alexis9025
You can get a snap shot comparison of multiple providers via email (real time) ... free and no obligation just by requesting a quote via this portal:

Fiber Optic & More

There are a few higher order bandwidth solutions which may need to be done by hand ... in which case you'll still get the information but not in real time.

If you'll add any specific details in the comments section we'll do more indepth research on your behalf (again at no cost) and negotiate the best price for you. BTW, we offer a low price guarantee also.

If you'd like to know more about us read this ....

DS3 Bandwidth, Business Ethernet, Fiber, & More

God Bless,
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FreedomFire Communications
DS3 Bandwidth
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