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Miami, FL
reply to JGMACK

Re: AT&T DSL Speed Settlement

I got that card. I got BS ADSL Fast Access in 2000, advertized at 1.5Mbps. Of course it's *never* been that fast but other than occasional network outages and loss of sync it usually worked well and measured at 1.2/200 which was acceptable.
Then SBC bought BS and typically my 1.5 tier pushes 800kbps.
The techs at the CO used to quote the "up to" part of the deal
and say that 750 kbps was acceptable to them.. Right.
I *have* been given "courtesy credits" (note ATT has never accepted an obligation to remedy) for lack of usable service
a couple of times and for having a connection speed below 400kbps for 6 days once, BUT I MAILED THE CARD ANYWAY because I don't think ATT has even come close to providing
the service they advertize and claim to provide.
The worst that could happen is that I get excluded from the class.