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Re: Anyone else having problems with Sprint?

Let me start by saying that I have been with Sprint for 10+yrs, and thru these years I have experienced service problems but nothing to the degree that is going on now. I have been dealing with these "Upgrading tower" "capacity issues" since January of 2011 got to the point that I had a Sprint Corp Rep contact me on a bi-monthly basis to let me know that they are still working on the issues and will get them resolved ASAP. So last year finally they got it all fixed by mid August and I request some sort of compensation for all the ":Lack of sevice" and I was granted 50% six months service all in a lump sum, that was very kind of them especially after constantly calling Sprint for help on no one there really knowing what was going on making up or giving ficticious dates for completion. Then this year again with the same and worst issues, dropped calls, no service what so ever, so I call Sprint and tell them of all the problems and basically was told I need to just be patient while they work on the problem. I guess Sprint finally got tired of me calling them and asking them for help on issues and to ask when things would be fixed, cause yesterday I recieved a call from a Corp. Rep. stating, "I can not guarantee when these tickets will be completed for the network issues that I am experiencing, so our final offer for you would be to allow you to waive your contract and cancel the service. So if that is something I want to do or interested in please contact me back at(Miranda) 850-636-4271, again if you do not want to keep the service because of the issues you've had in the Chicago area we are willing to let you out of your contract with no penalty fee". So basically either shut up and take it or here is your way out, we dont want you with Sprint any more. Talk about caring about your Customers. Loyal customers at that. This is unfortuant for Sprint. They are upgrading there service for customers who they are pushing away.