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Fairfield, MT
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The reason payphones are a dead species

Because now everyone can get a cellular phone (pre-paid from several providers nationwide for those with atrocious credit) the pay phone's only useful areas are at bus stops, airports, train terminals, and malls. Back in 1985, in Tacoma, Washington at an apartment complex I lived in had a row of 8 payphones. Now these same apartments today do not have any payphones.

All of the area's that had payphones dwindled down to next to nil. Only transit centers, convenience stores, malls, and very few gas stations still have phones. And a great many of them have the private payphones which are not too much of a rip-off with the exception of the operator service that charge more than AT&T to make a collect call. (Of course the owner of the said phone gets a cut, that is why it is so damned expensive.)

That is in Washington, now in Montana you only see pay phones in the larger cities. My hometown here used to have 2 pay phones but since are now gone. When I was reading the article, the main cost is not providing a dial tone, not collecting the money, it is the fact that people get mad, are destructive, or thieves and yank the handset off the phone. With enough force they rip that cord right out of that phone which in turn requires the provider to come out with a new handset that probably costs them like 20-30 bucks to have repaired. However, it is not a good idea to not have a payphone for 911, unless you have a cellphone without service (which required by the FCC to all calls to 911) there is no way you can call 911 unless you happened to be by the phone booth.
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