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can someone explain how to setup a QOS with A90-9100EM15-10

just take a screencap of the page in the router and explain in lamens terms which section i need to put where

ive used commercial dlink/ect... type routers my entire life and never had issues doing this cause they didnt make it extremely anal and difficult just to setup stuff

i got 3 devices, my xbox which i want to be number 1 or 7 what ever is highest priority, then i have my computer which i want to be 2 or 6, or if its possible, just make them both the highest, i only use 1 or the other, and i have enough bandwidth to sustain streaming on my computer while gaming, then finally i have a 3rd computer for basic use which i want as low as possible.

given the fact that simply setting up static IPs with the NAT is also a pain, i dont even want to bother with that, so ill just use the devices MAC address for the QOS rules.

or to make it even simpler, can i just tell it to go by LAN port? cause all 3 are wired, can i just say LAN slot 1 x-priority, then LAN slot 2 ect??

and the guide/pdf manual doesnt explain this at all, it justs as worthless as a glossery, it tells me what each section does but doesnt explain in detail how to use them.

also, i need some clarification when setting up the input and output rules, which is considered the source and destination?

on the input, meaning connections from the internet to me, do i put my devices in the destination?

and then vise versa for the output rule? cause i can set it up either way and it will show up as green and not tell me if i have a screwed up QOS rule that isnt actually working properly or not