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Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

[Security] Bug In Removal Tool For Macs' Flashback Malware Delet

Bug In Removal Tool For Macs' Flashback Malware Deletes User Settings

Here’s a cure that’s worse than the disease: The antivirus firm Kaspersky is alerting users that a tool it released earlier this week for removing the Flashback malware plaguing more than 650,000 Macs also contains a bug that deletes user settings and in some cases may even lock them out of their machines.

Kaspersky has taken the tool offline until its issues can be worked out. Here’s the statement that a Kaspersky spokesperson just sent me:

Kaspersky Lab has identified an issue with its free Kaspersky Flashfake Removal Tool. In some cases it is possible that the use of the tool could result in erroneous removal of certain user settings including auto-start configurations, user configurations in browsers, and file sharing data.

The Kaspersky Flashfake Removal Tool has been temporarily suspended. The company will release an updated version of the utility with the bug corrected and will send a notification as soon as it’s available.

On Apple‘s online support forum, at least two users who ran Kaspersky’s tool complained of being locked out of accounts on their Macs.

“I’m locked out. I used the Kaspersky tool and I can’t login properly,” wrote one user. ”I figured out how to login as root user [and] it works fine. Can anybody tell me how to fix my normal account?”

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RIP lil
Rio Rancho, NM

Re: [Security] Bug In Removal Tool For Macs' Flashback Malware D

Thanks for the info.
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San Jose, CA

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reply to Name Game
Good thing it's already fixed via the latest Apple Software Update out today!