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reply to Kristopher

Re: Game Rules Thread

said by Kristopher:


Standard game rules apply.
No posting after night. You post at your own risk after Twilight. No editing posts.
Do not give people thumbs up.
You are only allowed private communication if stated in your PM.
One ghost post per person per game. While OT silliness is not discouraged, we don't want to ruin the gaming experience for everyone. If you do post, don’t give out game info in it, and don't do it during the night phase.
If Archivis is playing, it's always a good idea to lynch him as soon as possible.
A cast Vote will automatically nullify the previous Vote.
It is at the Game Mods discretion whether or not a post after night by an active player should result in a Mod Kill. The same goes with Editing of Posts or Thumbs. Everything is situational.

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