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Fort Erie, ON

Ebay DCP3000s - be sure you're getting a HW Rev 2.0!

Just a heads up...

There are a few different revisions of the DCP3000 floating around - 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0. The only modem Cogeco has on its network and supports is Revision 2.0, as this is the only firmware that they will auto-serve off the network and attempts to use any other revision will result in no sync once the modem is provisioned on the network (though it WILL work in the walled garden, just with no channel bonding!). I myself had bought one of these modems from the Ebay auction that had been posted here and received a Rev 1.1. Through my discussions with various people in the know we came to the determination that you -need- a Rev 2.0. Last Parade posted his positive experience in another thread, but he received a Rev 2.0. This is the same rev Cogeco has always used and still uses today, and will be the revision that Start sends you if you rent or buy from them.

If you want to get a DCP3000 off this Ebay auction, request a Rev 2 from the guy and explain your cable company only supports Rev 2.0 due to the firmware provided by the CMTS. The gentleman is willing to swap out my 1.1 for a 2.0 for this reason at no additional cost to me, so I can't see why he wouldn't be reasonable and provide a Rev 2.0 if you specifically requested it. Worst thing he can do is say no. You can tell the difference between the two on the bottom of the modem. Rev 1.1 (which I received) still says Scientific Atlanta (Cisco took over their cable modem division I assume) on the bottom and has HW Rev 1.1. Rev 2.0 only makes reference to Cisco and says - no surprise - HW Rev 2.0. 1.1 only has single colour US and DS LEDs, whereas 2.0 has the dual colour LED that will show amber when only operating in DOCSIS 2.0 modem and green when bonded in 3.0 mode.

Just wanted to give those of you who are thinking of sourcing your own modem a heads-up so that you don't run into the same situation.