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Little Rock, AR
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to Joe Siegler

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

I had a truck roll to get the TWC line reconnected at my apt building tap and in the attic. That was easy. From what I can tell, the tuning adapter and CC are sync'd and happy. The HDHomeRun application sees the entire lineup but it's only able to tune clear channels at the moment...
My tuning adapter went back to flashing yellow. I was told it should be solid yellow. The HDHR app is not able to get the lineup from the device\card. Below is status page from the HDHomeRun Prime's web interface. I removed the card addresses and etc:


Little Rock, AR
·Verizon FiOS

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Compared to my FiOS CC setup which was truly a piece of cake, this has been a bit of a nightmare so far :/ I've spoken to 3 different CC tech's. The 1st rep was very knowledgeable. Long story short, we determined my CC was bad. I went down to the Farmers Branch office and swapped cards. The second rep got the new card activated so I let him go so I could begin setting up WMC. I was getting an "Activation Required" on just about every TWC channel. I just got off the line with a third tech. She has scheduled another truck roll for Sunday evening, what for I'm not sure. I guess we may try a STB. Some channels were working (300s) but most are not. In between Activation Required messages, I was receiving Subscription Required on many of the channels after the last tech reset things/sent hits. I'm now back to Activation Required on channels that were working moments ago. The only channel that has worked every time is 802-ESPN Deportes HD. Idealy, I want to watch Fox Soccer HD, Fox Soccer Plus HD, and GolTV HD. At this point, even SD would be fine. If I get the main WMC hub working, my next problem will be getting rid of the Copy Prohibited messages from my media center extenders. Thank goodness my FiOS HDHR Prime is working flawless on the WMC hub and all extenders. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. I'd really like to get this to work. I (should be) subbed to the El Paquetazo package. My guess is the issue is not WMC. Using the HDHR software/apps, I see the same results when trying to tune channels. The channels giving me errors in WMC do not play in the HDHR app. The very few subscription channels that do work and basic/broadcast channels that work in WMC work on the HDHR app. I'm wondering if package info is missing or perhaps my Tuning Adapter is wonky. Maybe if I am bored tomorrow I can swing by the office again and pick up a STB to see if it gets all the channels I should be receiving. Thanks in advance.

Setup details:
1 x HDHR ATSC/OTA tuner
2 x HDHR Primes
-1 for FiOS (working perfectly)
-1 for TWC (nightmare)
WMC on 7Pro PC
-TunerSalad has been installed to increase tuner limit to 12. It is seeing 6 CC tuners, 3 per HDHR. I have rescanned and even reset WMC and ran through the setup again.
3 x Xbox 360's to view live/recorded shows

Just got TWC. I have the new DCX3510 box with a UR5U-8790L remote. Any idea how to program this remote to send a 30 second skip to the DVR? I've seen similar posts for older Motorola boxes but the key sequence doesn't appear to be the same. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Joe Siegler

Garland, TX

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reply to julesism
Hello gang. Haven't posted in awhile. Hopefully some thread regulars might remember me as one of the Tuning Adapter guinea pig guys from 2008 (with a TiVo).

Anyway, I've got question about the Cable Internet speeds. A year ago when I disconnected my cable TV service due to unemployment and needing to drop costs, I did that. At that time, the CS agent in retention at TWC hooked me up with a deal, that gave me Cable Internet (with Turbo) & Nationwide Home Phone for about $75 a month (WITH taxes included).

That deal has now expired, and as I'm still bloody unemployed, I had to call today to see what their current deals were. The folks in retention said there were no current deals involving Internet, but the guy said he was able to package the service together in such a way that I'd keep the phone and Internet, but with a bill now (including taxes) of $87 a month. Told me that if he had not done that, the bill would have been around $110.

The downside is that it took away their "Turbo" level of internet speeds. Which brings me to the reason I'm posting here at the moment anyway.

What is the level of speed I should expect from Time Warner's Internet service with the Turbo "off"? I vaguely remember seeing something in the last year that the basic Internet speeds were increased at no cost. Could be wrong.

Joe Siegler

Garland, TX

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Appear to have answered my own question.


That says I should get 10Mb down and 1Mb up. The CSR in retention I spoke with said my downgrade from turbo was immediate, but I'm still seeing down speeds that are more in line with Turbo than not.

This is what a speedtest looks for me now. I expect it will slow down when the system recognizes my new status.


This is what one looked like before the change (ran this yesterday morning from my phone). The 15Mb down was indicative of what kinds of speeds I was getting before they messed with my account today.


It's almost like my current status has the download speed of "Extreme", and the upload speed of "standard". I checked my account - it shows "standard" as my Internet speed.

reply to PerplexedPOS
Navigator and the new remotes do not support 30 sec skip.