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Re: Sounds good

If you were to get similar results to what we got, I would switch from WB (and Exede) in a heartbeat. We had the WB pro package with a 22GB download limit and we went over several times and it was brutal. With Digitalpath and no FAP it is a whole new world where you don't think twice about watching a youtube video or looking a video news streams. We can now set our PCs to automatic SW updates and don't have to worry about FAP. With Exede speeds, if they had doubled the FAP we may have stayed but again we were paying $80 for the WB pro and now we are paying $45.


Westwood, CA

I purchased and have been using a NetTalk device for going on two years now. It is a VoIP device that connects with the "always on" Digitalpath service and then to a phone (or phones). It is active 24/7 whether the computers are online or not. They will provide you with a local telephone number, as well (no extra charge). I bought the device for $59 or so and it has the first year of service (about $29) included in the purchase price. After that it's just $29 per year to make all the calls that you want to make to anywhere and anyone can call me on it, local or long distance. That $29 takes care of everything; no minutes charges, outgoing, and no taxes or anything else like that. You would be surprised. My upload/download speed varies a little, as does yours, but it doesn't effect my VoIP service at all.

This is a sub-selection from Sounds good