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reply to cork1958

Re: [Equipment] Cant Get Internet Connection to Vonage Adaptor f

said by cork1958:

Netfixer here is THE MAN!! If he can't get your network/Vonage issue fixed, it isn't supposed to work anyway!!

Not so sure about that this morning. I just got through "fixing" a DHCP problem that had me up all night.

I was on the phone and suddenly it just disconnected, and when I looked at the Vonage RTP300, it was searching for a DHCP server, and not finding one. I could release and renew Windows PCs with no problems, but the Vonage router (a Linux box) and my SamKnows monitor (also a Linux box) could not get DHCP IP addresses.

I put "fix" in quotes because I just got it working by using a router for the DHCP, but my Windows server's DHCP service still won't provide DHCP services to Linux boxes. I think probably a recent MS update did something that prevents the MS DHCP service from working with anything but Windows boxes, but it took several days to show up (until the RTP300's DHCP lease expired). I may not even bother to investigate it further since my Zonet router/print server's DHCP server still works OK.
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