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Bayside, NY

[modem/router] How to get the transceiver statistics with D-Link

I just got a D-Link DSL-2750B router to replace my old Westell 7500. I have High Speed Internet DSL service with Verizon in the Eastern Coast.

I was used to get my transceiver statistics so easily from my Westell 7500 and 327W routers in the past. However, with the D-Link I am not able to find anywhere the information regarding the Margin (dB), Line Attenuation (dB), and the Transmit Power (dBm) to evaluate the performance of my connection.

Therefore, does anybody know how can I get such an information for both my Down and Up Stream Paths?

Moreover, in case that this is definitively not possible to do because the "customized" configuration of the D-Link router for Verizon to expressly not to provide such an information to their customers... is there any free software available out there that I can use to get the very same information?

By the way, not even bother to get customer support from D-Link for this router... as they will send you to ask to Verizon. So, I already did that and a couple of Verizon agents told me that it is not possible to get such an information for this particular router.

Your kind and prompt attention to the above is highly appreciated.

Open Source Fan
Bethlehem, PA
·Verizon Online DSL
I don't know for sure, but try looking in System -> Monitor -> Network

In there there might be another button, labeled Status.
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