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Re: End of Windows XP support means beginning of security...

Do you think indexing does something other, than "beating the disk to hell reading every file"? Or may be you know some other way to get info from a file without reading it?

Indexing is a common exchange between speed and size. With indexing you get better speed and loose your disk space. And the bigger HD size you have in your posession, the bigger space (and time) it takes to make that index database (obviously), which keeps info about all the files on that HD...

So, with indexing you trash your disk by "beating the disk to hell reading every file" that you're probably never going to search and your computer has to keep index database always updated (or it will keep deleted files, removed data from files, etc, making it useless) all the time, keeping your HD/CPU busy. So, pick up your poison...

Personally I prefer to use live search, but not the slow default windows search. I use two different (and very fast) tools - one to search a file by name, and another one to search data in files. Its two different tasks, thus two different tools.
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Man, you love to quibble, don't you.

The point of indexing is that it gets done when you're not waiting for the results. That's the tradeoff: do work ahead of time so you don't have to wait when you need the results.

"Trashing your disk" supposes that using a disk somehow causes it to die sooner.. unless this is a popular typo for "thrashing". And I'd characterise the live search as "thrashing".

I personally use live search too - findstr from the command line for content, dir from the command line for naming. But my preferences don't mean that indexing is a technology that has no place.

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There is nothing else one can do on their computer while search takes place? That's odd. I always have a bunch of things to do while searching. Computers do multitasking you know.
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