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Beverly Hills, CA

i can relate

i am using at&t's 6 meg dsl service. for two weeks i could not get any useful advice as to what was wrong with my line (swapped from at&t u-verse to home dsl) in the end it turns out that my netgear modem (adsl2+ modem dmlllpsp v2) was supposedly "incompatible" with at&t's service. bs. what they really mean is that they want you to buy their $85.00+ modem and shipping charge, which comes out to around 100.00 or more. well, i bought my modem from best buy for 40.00. and guess what? in the end it was at&t's fault. i followed their sign up and web browser login/user registration to be greeted by fail endless times. Not one service person, or even a tier 3 could help me. Netgears software worked. It even says in the help script itself to NOT login with at&t software, as it will not work. They are right. Netgears software worked, and i payed for a service of inept fools. Sure, im mad. i paid for a service i was without for two weeks.
Then on a whim, i solved it myself. Thanks for nothing At&t.
Let me just reiterate, at&t cannot apparently load youtube videos worth crap, under ANY browser. Of course this could be anyones fault, but damn was comcast better. I miss those days.