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Lasalle, QC

Distributel - Killing my online gaming?

Hi there,

Just created an account after snooping all over the place to try and find answers so hello DSLReports!

Here is my situation:

April 12th I switched from Videotron 30Mbps (had 10Mbps with them previously, and my ping was fine) over to Distributel 15Mbps unlimited connection (cable). It's using the same hardware as Videotron, and for the most part it's pretty good. But, whenever I try to play any online games (anything off Steam, League of Legends, Star Craft 2, etc), the connection goes wacky and my pings skyrocket. When this happened I ran a speedtest(.net) and saw my ping went from its usual 6-9ms to 160-220ms. My speed was also down to 1.5-3Mbps. Basically it has rendered all online games unplayable. I tried repeating this several times over the course of the last couple days and now my speedtest.net readings are staying at 15Mbps, but the latency in game is still ridiculous.

So, I tried to call tech support, the guy I got had no idea what I was talking about and said a supervisor would call me back. It's been two days and no word. I've tried downloading via Steam, web-sites, the speeds are good, no issues. But as soon as I turn on any game, forget it, not playable.

Any ideas as to what could be going on? I am using their current offering of a Thompson modem, I've tried direct connection or through our router, doesn't change anything. My usual ping in a game of LoL is ~80-90 which is fine. It's now 175-275 on average.

Anyways this is driving me nuts, I feel like I just threw a ton of money out the window to set this up, and the company doesn't seem interested in helping me. Any feedback, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated, again the only thing that's changed is the modem and ISP. Everything else is the same, my roommate's PC experiences the exact same issues.

Thanks in advance for your replies!