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Re: So guys - since cata releases soon...

Hi Guys! I just stumbled across this website from work and its not blocked by websense!!

So, I'll introduce myself: In game I'm play a lonely dwarf pally. In real life I like taking long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. My dream is to one day cuddle in a bed full of three toed sloths.

I hope to contribute to this forum so I'll start with my predictions for cata:

1) Blizzard will recognize that 2v2 is the "true arena" and will only count 2v2 rankings for titles and gear acquisition.

3) This expansion will cater to the hard-core player for PVE. The masses will never see the final tier of content, but tbh they don't deserve to.

4) Pick up mining and herbing, drop any other professions. You will become rich beyond your wildest dreams by gathering because Blizzard is going to crack down on Chinese farmer botts.

5) All classes/specs will stack mastery. Start saving up for those mastery gems and enchants.

6) Blizzard will recognize that the days of the Darkmoon Fair are over and will replace it with the Brightsun Flea Market, a swap meet where you can trade BoP items, run by gnomes.

7) Gold will be very hard to come by, unless you listen to #4 above. You will spend endless hours grinding daily quests just to be able to afford repairs.

8) Get used to CC, its back and it’s here to stay. No longer will you be pulling groups at all in this expansion. It will be CC or die.

9) 10 Man raiding is dead. Now that the gear for 10 and 25 man is the same, and 25 man will give 2.5 times the amount of drops per boss!!, why would anyone ever to 10 man again?

10) Get to know your talent trees, the days of "cookie cutter specs" are over! This will be known as the "I’m a unique snowflake, and that's ok" expansion. The distinctive and meaningful options available within the talent trees will allow you to express yourself and still wtf pwn the damage meters!

And finally, number 2) Grow gills! Yes you read that correctly, learn to breath under water, because that is where you will be spending the vast majority of your time during cata. We will all love the underwater zones and the feeling of three-axis combat. Blizzard has an entire garage of underwater mounts in the works, and Vashj'ir will become the new Dal.

Port Orchard, WA
a++++++ would read again


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hehe yay!