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Andover, NJ

IPV6 and PPTP security?

I came across this a few days ago »vpnblog.info/security-issue-with ··· pv6.html. Based on this, it looks like anyone using PPTP will have their real IPV4 address exposed if IPV6 is enabled.

Since I use a PPTP client to securly and (anonymously, I hope) connect to some sites, this made me a bit concerned.

My setup is as follows:

Windows7/with an anonymous PPTP client -> Asus 16N router with Tomato Firmware with IPV6 enabled (using Hurricane Electric IPV6 service ) Verizon DSL is my ISP.

Is this a real security flaw, or just some headline grabber babbling at a conference?
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Forget about it. It's a boy crying, "wolf!" Consider also the horrible English in which the linked article is written, which I take as someone just trying to raise a ruckus, like a lot of the spam/phishing I receive.

I don't even know what they're talking about. H.E. AFAIK doesn't use PPTP, they use 6in4 tunnels. (or was that "6to4"?)

In any case, if you're that worried about revealing your MAC address in the first place, you've already enabled privacy extensions, so your IPv6 address isn't based (directly) on your MAC address.
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