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Houston, TX
reply to RKB_t

Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog)

The following posts are from Comcast's Ted Hodgins, Sr. Director, Video Product Development - Navigation, in Media & Entertainment, "New Guide for Scientific Atlanta Cable Boxes" blog (see link in first post in this thread).

Ths is the first time that I hae seen the customer facing issues that should be resolved in the next SA/Cisco area guide (see underlined section).

Based on your recent information here, am I to assume that Vermont, which is not on the list of several states scheduled to receive guide 2.0 this summer, means we will have to wait another year to see this upgrade and fix some of the remaining issues we are having with S25? Please clarify.

ButchSS | April 19, 2012 9:54 AM

Hello ButchSS. To be clear, all Cisco and Scientific-Atlanta cable boxes in all areas will be getting some sort of guide update and improvements starting over the summer.

Some of the new features that are included in the summer release are listed below:

myDVR Manager: From the internet and the Xfinity TV app, customers can: set recordings, view/modify scheduled recordings, view completed recordings, modify series priority lists, etc.

Caller ID to the TV See who's calling, right from your TV and PC! Comcast Universal Caller ID takes the guesswork out of incoming calls. »www.comcast.net/callerid

Xfinity TV Application: The ability to use your iPad to change channels.

HSN Shop-by-Remote: A convenient, new way to make HSN purchases simply by using your remote. »www.comcast.net/newguide/iTV_Gui···0110.pdf

Request for Info: Know more, save more! Introducing an easy way to request valuable coupons and info from advertisers simply by using your remote.

Ready Remind and Ready Record: Now you can conveniently set program reminders or recordings directly from certain TV show and movie advertisements.

Several customer facing issues are also resolved in this release, including the following:

- DVR Boxes losing functionality of 15 second rewind and 5 minute skip back after being online for a significant period of time.

- DVR over-recording issues with New and Repeat episodes

- RNG 200s only: When watching live TV, pressing rewind may rewind all the way to the beginning of the buffer and bring the customer back to live TV.

- RNG 200s only: Audio /video occasionally cuts in and out after swapping channels.

Some areas will also have On-Screen Guide 2.0 available. Vermont is not currently targeted to receive On-Screen Guide 2.0 in 2012.

Ted Hodgins replied to comment from ButchSS | April 19, 2012 11:08 AM



Houston, TX
The following posts are from Comcast's Ted Hodgins, Sr. Director, Video Product Development - Navigation, in Media & Entertainment, "New Guide for Scientific Atlanta Cable Boxes" blog.

Two additional issues to be resolved in the S26 guide scheduled for release this Summer. This was a follow up post.

Hi Ted,

Will the following two issues be resolved in the S26 guide?

1) The Not Authorized messages that are displayed even though the channel is authorized (You mentioned that firmware changes were required to completely fix this).

2) Pass Through using an HDMI cable.



Russ replied to comment from Ted Hodgins | April 21, 2012 1:19 AM

@Russ, apologies for the delay in responding.

We have seen significantly reduced instances of the unintended Not Authorized screen as part of the software patch that was distributed to all of our SA-Cisco locations.

We have also worked with Cisco to make necessary firmware changes in the upcoming guide release. These changes have been shown to eliminate the unintended Not Authorized occurrences that have been observed.

The firmware update included in this upcoming release also has the HDMI cables working very well with the HD Pass-Through feature.

Ted Hodgins replied to comment from Russ | May 3, 2012 4:49 PM



Weirton, WV
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According to marketing and ted weirton,wv won't see any guide updates this year which stinks as I was looking forward to guide 2.0 but maybe eventually I will get the interactive features like sports,etc being tested in florida.
I guess slowing deployment of guide 2.0 and the x1 box will allow better testing so there aren't as many bugs when it does launch but I would enjoy being a beta tester.