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[request] New Canadian Regulatory Forum

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imagine a blank spot
So over the past years I've always said to myself it would be nice to have all the CRTC determinations, filings, industry Canada, and other regulatory affairs, as it relates to internet to be in it's own forum for ease of use and ease of finding stuff.

There has been so much scattered across forums that it's really hard tracking down some things. They get easily lost within the regular forum crud.

Right now with the lost data, you also appear to be running on an old template for the Canadian forums listings, but there was a big blank spot before the loss which could be used for this very thing.

For example, refer to the picture above of this forums layout and imagine there was only a blank spot where it says, "Site Feature Request". This blank spot is how the lost Canadian template was. A blank spot needing to be used.

So I suggest, when the template decides to come back as it was, that this empty spot be used for a new Canadian regulatory forum since there is so much that comes out every week about internet regulatory and the fights between indi-ISP's and the monopolies.

In addition to this, the CEO of Teksavvy also mentioned he would like to see this, »Re: Teksavvy needs to decide which forums to use

It just makes sense and I hope you consider it and do it (when things get back to normal).


Admittedly, A Teksavvy Fan

Toronto CAN.

Re: New Canadian Regulatory Forum

+1 for Bell_Abused's suggestion. Good idea!

Elwood Blues
Somewhere in
reply to Bell_Abused
I have to disagree, these threads get pretty heavy in Canadian Broadband, no need to hide them somewhere else.