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Basic security setup questions

After searching, I still have some simple questions.

1. If in a router setup, a choice of WPA2 or WPA2-PSK is available, and WPA2 is selected and there is no RADIUS server, what happens?

In the MAC Address Filtering part of the FAQ, it states to how easy it is to spoof MAC addresses, and it still recommends "However, it is still recommended to have MAC filtering enabled."
2a. Is "MAC Address Filtering" the same thing as "Static DHCP"?
2b. Is this "still" recommended over using a router in DHCP Server mode.

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1.) WPA2 "personal" requires no radius server. Look up radius server for a better explanation. Choose WPA1/2 personal and just setup a pass-phrase.

2a.)Mac filtering is not the same as static dhcp.

Static DHCP means hard-coding your ip address on every host on the network.

Mac filtering only allows host that you have permitted to access the router.

2b.)To save time and hassle, just enable DHCP server mode and let the router handle the ip assignments. Set a strong WPA password and be done with it.
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1: Terminology varies, so I'm not quite sure what is being asked. If you setup the router in a way that requires a radius server, but you don't configure a radius server, then something isn't going to work right. If your router has a reset button to restore defaults, then I guess you could experiment and see what happens, then use the reset button when you want to set it up in a way that works.

2: I advise against MAC filtering. If you are using WPA, then there is no obvious benefit. The most likely result of MAC filtering, is that when you try to connect a new device to your network you will run into problems and confusing message, because you forgot to add its MAC address to the filter.

2(a): Normally "static DHCP" is when you can configure the router to give a specific IP address to one or more of your computers, so that those computers always get the same IP on your LAN.

2(b): I'm not sure of the "this" that is being asked. If your router supports static DHCP, then use it if you find it useful. Or don't bother if you don't find it useful. If the router does not support it, then don't bother.
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MAC filtering is pointless. It just complicates mattes and provides to extra security or advantage. Some devices have a hard time and don't like MAC filtering. Especially older devices fall under that category.
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Two important setup points

1. change router password from default.....

2. use minimum 20 random character key for wpa2 psk.