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Westfield, NJ

[HD] WCBS NY picture problems

I have been having problems with the picture quality (pixelation and stuttering) on WCBS 2 in NYC (with the worst occurring on the local news programs). For the most part, all the other channels are fine. I have 3 TVs, the first of which is connected directly to a Cisco RNG 100 by HDMI. The second is connected thru a Denon AVR 891 to another Cisco RNG 100, with both connections HDMI. The third TV is connected thru a Denon 2311 CI to a SA 8300 by HDMI. When there is pixelation, it occurs on all three TVs at the same time. As such, I conclude that it is a transmission problem into my house. Comcast has been to the house, and replaced all the connections, and signal quality at all three TVs is excellent (internal house wiring is all brand new and all home runs). The house is on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

A few days after the house call, the technician called back to indicate that it was a problem at the head end, and they were working on it, and not to expect a quick fix. This was about a month ago, and the problem continues.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem, and for all the experts out there, does Comcast's explanation sound plausible.


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Yes, I've noticed the same pixelation and stuttering motion problem on the WCBS NYC local news programs also here in Monmouth County NJ.

I see it on both of my Cisco RNG150 HD STBs, connected to HD LCD TVs via HDMI (one set for 720p, the other set for 1080i).

There isn't any problem in the audio when this problem occurs, and I've also checked the Diagnostics screen when it occurred and no errors are indicated, so I know it's not a local HFC network transmission or STB reception problem.

It's most noticeable during the weather portion of the news, when the meteorologist is standing in front of the weather maps.

I figure it has something to do with the highly-detailed, high definition graphics they are using overwhelming the compression algorithm that is used by Comcast to compress 3 HD channels into one 6MHz QAM carrier.


reply to RichardH1
The first call when a single local station has a problem is to the engineering department at the station. If there is an issue anywhere with the quality of their signal, they want to know and they have the resources and contacts to track it down and fix it. The one call an engineer at the cable company hates getting is the one from a station engineer reporting a viewer complaint. This is the call however that will locate and fix the problem. When the station and cable company start to troubleshoot together, the issue is quickly isolated and that is the key to the process.


Westfield, NJ
reply to RichardH1
Thanks telcodadnj. You have confirmed it is in fact a Comcast issue. Your symptoms mirror mine exactly.

Videonex: Thanks for the suggestion. I will do so.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
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I wish it was that easy to actually get an engineer on the phone at a broadcast station. In my experience it's as difficult as trying to get a Comcast engineer on the phone.