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Great Neck, NY
reply to rollinraver

Re: [northeast] Freedom Essentials Not Possible?

said by rollinraver:

On their website? That's interesting... In the bundle configure, the only phone option is FDV, preselected, and there is no way to get anything different. The online chat person you get, if you dare use it, will tell you the company is pushing to FDV and you must call in to the centers to keep your FE (and lose the online discount in the process).

Yea, that was precisely my experience. The chat "person" went so far as to say that if you try to change your package you'll lose FE.

I guess you also lose the prepaid VISA card, maybe the price is $5-10 more as well. I'd love to get 35/35 Internet (I have 25/25 now), I'll have to discuss this with wifey to see what I do (again, even assuming I can retain my FE if I phone in).



Plano, TX
reply to nlk10010

said by nlk10010:

said by Alphasite:

I just updated my bundle and was not required to switch from Freedom Essentials to DV, but I switched anyway as it was less expensive.

Thanks for the info, did you renew online or by phone? Can I ask how much more (than the online price which requires DV) it was to retain your FE?

It was about $20/month cheaper to go with DV. I set it up in a Verizon store. Part of the savings may be from updated bundle pricing as well, so the difference for other people might be more or less.

There's also going to be additional savings as we have a second separate FE phone line (on a separate account) that we now only use for a FAX line (it was a home office line for my wife but she no longer needs it). We moved it to DV as well and after the virtual line issue is sorted out it's going to be moved to the main account. A second DV line is much cheaper than a second FE line.


Great Neck, NY

Yea, $20/month difference was what I was afraid of.

Thanks for the info.


Washington, DC
reply to nlk10010

This is no surprise. Verizontal wants to shed customers of their PSC-regulated phone services as fast as they can; in favor of the unregulated VOIP.

Of course, you can shed them by just moving your number to a non-VZ VOIP carrier such as PhonePower, etc.