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[Modem] printing shuts off 2wire

First of all below i will try to explain the set up a little better, but as far as my problem here goes,

Ok i have AT&T uverse thats uses a 2wire 3801HGV that controls my internet/also wifi, connect all my cable tv's, and connects my phones. So for example if i unplug the 2wire then my phones, internet, and tvs all go down.

Everything works great except when we go to print. All of the computers connect via wifi, and the printer is hardwired to the 2wire modem via eternet cord. When we send something to print (via the wifi), it does print but immediately the tvs lose signal and wifi to the computers go down saying temp have lost signal etc etc... I haven't checked the phone to see if it goes down as well. Watching the actual modem while this is going on, it will actually reset when the printing job is complete(all lights go off and it starts up as if I just plugged it in). It then comes back online.

So brief recap: Send print job over wifi, all devices connected lose signal, printing still takes place, then modem reset, and then every things back up and running till next print job.

Heres my set up;
-have AT&T uverse
-using 2wire 3801HGV
--which controls my cable tvs, phones, and internet/wifi

connected to 2wire as far as internet goes;
-brother dcp-9040cn printer is wired/ethernet cord to my 2 wire modem
--1 mac desktop wireless/wifi
--1 macbook pro wireless/wifi
--and acouple iphones

nevermind, the port on the modem that the printers ethernet cord was plugged into was set to full duplex. I tested and it didn't shut me down, do hopefully this corrects the problem