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Calgary, AB
reply to Rivalman

Re: One big sick joke

I'm not disagreeing that amps are a band-aid solution, often they are.

If your drop is 'just before' the next line amp, you will be on the longer length of wire, and the signal may be too low without the amp.

If the levels are good, with the amp, lets say Rx 0.0 Tx 45, removing a +17db amp, would put your signal around -17 Tx 60 (different amps boost the return differently than others, some more some less), the signal will be very poor.

If his levels are Rx +9, removing a +17 amp wouldn't be nearly as bad, if we knew what the good signal levels are currently, then could be decided if removing it would be a good idea.

My drop currently, has the opposite problem, de-mark location has a signal of Rx +29. I have two attenuators before the first 4-way splitter, -10 and -6. If I was to bypass, and plug into the de-mark, I would have very poor signal - not weak, but poor.

Amps can not be removed, just because they are there, without figuring out why they are there in the first place, and being able to determine if they are actually needed.

If you want to try removing the amp, I suggest calling tech support, checking levels, removing the amp, and checking levels again (removing the amp, does not just mean unplugging it's power). Because there was more work done with the wiring, after it was installed. Also check the line for attenuators after the amp to the modem, and remove them at the same time.
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So I just want to recap this entire situation.

We have a modem that is online, while xbox live is dropping its network connection. We don't know if the modem is dropping or the router. The OP has a new modem, new wiring in his house and multiple calls confirming his signal is ok but fluctuating, and we want to continue troubleshooting the RF signal instead of bypassing his router for an hour?



Not a router he can bypass, it's the combo unit from Shaw. Unless he goes bridged mode and hooks up a router. Check the original post.
And yes, the amp can make the signal "fine" but can cause flapping as well.
It also looks as though Shaw is not currently able to enable bridge mode in purchased modems, ShawSean, can you confirm or deny this?
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Calgary, AB

The OP said it was in bridge mode.

And yes, I suggested plugging the XBox into the modem to get an external Shaw address, removing any/all NAT.

That was early on page 2, I haven't seen a responce indicating what the result was, so I am still waiting for that.

The unfortunate part of the network settings on the XBox is that unless you are in Test connection, it will not respond to ICMP (ping).
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.