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Volitar Prime

Utica, MI

Moving with UltraTV

We’re looking into moving into a house in a neighboring community. WOW does provide service to the house but currently is not wired to it (the current owners use Comcast for internet and DirecTV for TV). I don’t think WOW has ever been used there so the installer will have to run a new line to the house.

When moving our UltraTV service, will we be able to take our current gateway (with all of our recorded shows) with us to the new address? We would hate to lose the shows we've been banking up while packing (not much time to watch TV right now).

I also have some questions about the installation. This will be a 2 story house. The current owners have 1 TV in their 1st floor family room and 1 TV in the basement, both wired to a dish on the roof of the 2 story portion of the house. I’m not sure how/where these lines are routed through the house. Their cable modem is located in the basement. Their only PC is a laptop they use in the den on the first floor, connected using wireless to their cable modem/router in the basement.

We would need a bit of tricky rewiring to meet our needs. We would prefer to put the media gateway in the 1st floor den where we will have 2 desktop PCs (hardwired, not wireless). We will have 2 TVs, one in the 1st floor family room and the other in the 2nd floor master bedroom. This will at minimum require new wiring to the den and the upstairs bedroom and possibly to the living room depending on how the current wiring is routed to the dish on the roof.

I believe the lines to the house are buried. We would like to avoid having to poke too many holes through the brick into the house. Also, half of the basement is finished with a drywall ceiling so running lines into some areas could be somewhat difficult. Having never lived in a 2 story house before I’m not sure how the installer will want to run a line to the upstairs master bedroom.

Naperville, IL

If you set up a move transfer with customer service, they will set it up to move all the equipment from one address to the other, that is not a problem at all. You won't have to lose all of your recordings and settings.

As far as wiring concerns go, I would have to say wait for the technician to come out and take a look at how and where things are run, and he'll be able to tell you best how he can do it. I believe one new outlet is included in the installation price, so should you need a new line run or rerun a different place, you won't be shouldn't be charged for at least the first one (confirm that with customer service when you set up the appointment please, just to make sure it's correct).
Dan Della Terza
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
Network Operations Center