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Fayetteville, NC

[shared] Anyone here use c5spot.com or dreamhost.com

I'm currently hosting with LunarPages.com, been with them about 8 years, but it's been slowing down lately and I've been looking to move hosting providers.

I use the Concrete5 CMS for my websites, love it, so want something that is friendly to that. It basically uses PHP/MySQL like most CMS platforms.

Was looking at c5spot.com or dreamhost.com and wanted to know if anyone has experience with them here?

I host 5 sites, and they get about 10,000 hits /day on the sites.

Vancouver, BC
Basically any standard LAMP host out there including Dreamhost will run C5 just fine. However, depending on your exact setup and what your visitors are doing on the site you might want something more robust like a beefier VPS to serve your sites.

Always the green wire

Mount Juliet, TN
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I have to agree with decx - if you're getting 10,000 hits per day, per site, it's time to graduate to a VPS solution. Shared hosting isn't really enough resources for that kind of traffic. That will certainly slow down your sites if you are using any amount of scripting in your site features. I think a lot of Dreamhost for what they offer, but just as I did, sounds like you have outgrown that level.


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Forget Dreamhost. Once I have a current hacker's mess cleaned up I'm moving. Frequent outages, paid for chat and occasional phone support and no chat available anymore. Have spent a week trying to resolve a PHP problem as part of trying to block third hacker attack. They respond in something like 24 hours, so it takes two days just for ACK-NACK. It's always someone else's fault, not their problem.

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Washington, DC
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Avoid DreamHost at all costs. They are up there in the Top 10 Most Incompetent Hosts Ever. I went through months of agony last year when I inherited over 100 sites from a competitor that went bust. Needless to say, I moved all of them off.
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Fayetteville, NC
Thanks for the dreamhost warnings.

How about HostGator or VPS.net?

I like how vps.net looks and I talked to one of their techs and was pretty happy with the talk anyway.
Therapy Chicks


Saint Louis, MO
I have a lot of developer friends who have been moving off dreamhost for a number of years.

We've used Hostgator for years and recommend them highly.

Kennesaw, GA
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If you're looking for an low cost, un-managed VPS solution I have been extremely happy with Hostigation (no affiliation, just a happy customer). They're widely regarded in the VPS world as being one of a handful of value priced, well run companies. I have a couple of VPSes from them (three in Charlotte, one in LAX) and have been extremely pleased with the uptime and service. If you do go with them, though, be sure to go with their Charlotte datacenter. It has far better connectivity (they're co-loed at caro.net in NC) than their LA location which is at QuadraNet.

I will take this opportunity to note that many of your lower priced VPSes (including those from Hostigation) are more or less completely unmanaged. You will be expected to handle any and all Linux administrative duties, from installing Debian/CentOS security updates to installing Webmin/Directmin/CPanel or hand editing your httpd.conf files. It is quite a daunting task, in my opinion, to competently secure a public webserver. For this reason you may want to look for at least a semi-managed provider, someone who has very good support you can lean on if you get in a rut.

It appears that VPS.net is a semi-managed company, so they might be a good fit if you're comfortable with the shell to some extent. This is where my experience in this area ends, as I exclusively have experience with completely unmanaged providers.

Back to shared hosting... I am a current customer of HostGator as well and have not had any problems with them. I used to be a DreamHost customer and was honestly quite pleased, but this was before the precipitous quality drop they seem to have had the past couple of years.