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reply to ArizonaSteve

Re: Qwest CenturyLink YouTube Service failure under deliver

I have the 20/5 package & I have noticed difficulty trying to play YT videos. In fact, there was a couple of days where anything that I attempted to play at either 720p or 1080p would not even play at all.

said by ArizonaSteve:

They aren't doing anything to it here and it plays fine. You probably just don't have enough speed to play a video.


Apache Junction, AZ

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I don't have any problem playing videos with the 20Mb package, in fact I can play 2 at once in HD on Netflix if I want to. You probably aren't really getting 20Mb or it's intermittent and not providing a constant high speed. Here's an HD video that I uploaded and I can play it just fine full screen without any problems. The buffer stays quite a ways ahead of the part that's playing and I can even play another video in HD at the same time. It looks like they downgraded the video quality a bit but it still plays OK full screen while a Netflix video plays in HD too.