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Houston, TX
reply to Mike Wolf

Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog)

The following posts are from Comcast's Ted Hodgins, Sr. Director, Video Product Development - Navigation, in Media & Entertainment, "New Guide for Scientific Atlanta Cable Boxes" blog.

Use the following methods to determine when you wil get the new guide update.

Hi Ted,

What I believe is frustrating to most of the Cisco/SA customers is the lack of a plan, communication and execution. I have been trying for over a year to find out what the plan is. If you tell us its 2014, then it is 2014. Its the lack of a plan and communication that is frustrating. How hard is it to put a plan together and publish?


tom | May 6, 2012 8:42 PM

Hello Tom, my post below [Note: Link to a similar post »Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog) ] from May 1st outlines at a high level the plan that we have for our customers that have Scientific-Atlanta and Cisco branded cable boxes. We are scheduled to start delivering additional features and functionality over the summer of 2012.

Better communication is something that you will see as we get closer to delivering these new features in each area.

Typically notifications and announcements around products, channels and services are done via a combination of bill messages, e-mails, bill inserts, TV commercials, direct mail, box messages as well as this site [Note: continue to check Ted's blog].

Ted Hodgins replied to comment from tom | May 9, 2012 11:27 AM


Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
rarely does this ever happen smoothly. Depending on which call center or web chat tech a customer gets, sometimes they have absolutely no idea the speed tiers Comcast offers. I've personally been told by techs that Comcast doesn't offer anything over 8Mbps or even 12Mbps for my area. When I politely inform them that I have Blast 30Mbps they say that is impossible and one even called me a dirty liar whom was later terminated. This becomes a problem when a customer is calling in about performance problems. It sounds like they have outdated information but they claim it is current until 2014. In contrast the North American call centers we have in Canada and the US are on the ball with their tech support stuff.

Schaumburg, IL
We are talking about the OOB data rate used by the cable boxes, not HSI. Although, most HD boxes do also have DOCSIS modems in them, but are usually not used. I think the Tivo-on-Motorola used it, and it may also be used whenever True2Way is rolled out.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
ah ok awesome thanks for the clear cut answer andy.