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Ultra TV Wireless

Sorry if this has been answered, but with many post not available yet I can't find the answer.

Has anyone been successful adding additional hardware (wireless router, AP, range extender, etc) to increase the wifi coverage with the Arris gateway that is part of the Ultra TV package?

I just received Ultra TV and am pretty disappointed with the wireless signal. When I asked about adding a wireless router or access point, they gave me a canned response that it was unsupported. They also mentioned something about the Arris gateway not being able to be put in bridging mode.

So I'm concerned that if I pick up a new router it won't work and I'll be out $50-$100.



I am using a Netgear WN3000RP wifi extender (»www.staples.com/Netgear-WN3000RP···t_927667) with Ultra TV. It works great.

The gateway box is in the basement at the far end of our home. I've got the range extender in the middle of the first floor of the house. I'm getting a great signal on all 3 floors.


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Have had a Netgear WNDR3700 wireless router running perfectly fine since I had Ultra installed about a month and a half ago now. I know all the WOW people say it shouldn't work or down the line it absolutely won't but... it does. Didn't have to change any settings.


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Thanks rich96db and boopin for your quick response! And even including a link! This is a pretty awesome forum, glad I stumbled upon it.


Prospect Heights, IL
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Interested in learning more. I'm about to order WOW Ultra. I now use an Apple Time Capsule as my wireless base station behind an Uverse unit. I would like to continue using the TC so I can continue to leverage simultaneous dual band wireless. Will be a problem if I move to WOW?


Naperville, IL
The Ultra TV Router IS dual band.

Body Count

Columbus, OH
said by sgc:

The Ultra TV Router IS dual band.

I thought wowdan said it's only broadcasting at 2.4Ghz right now with a firmware update in the future to broadcast 5.0Ghz.

Naperville, IL
said by Body Count:

said by sgc:

The Ultra TV Router IS dual band.

I thought wowdan said it's only broadcasting at 2.4Ghz right now with a firmware update in the future to broadcast 5.0Ghz.

The current software build allows for the change to 5ghz, but it does not support simultaneous dual band, it's either 2.4 or 5.
Dan Della Terza
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
Network Operations Center


Troy, MI
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Hi, I have Ultra TV & I also purchased the Netgear WN3000RP wifi extender; and while it worked fine the first night; and I can see it on my network, it has a strong signal, none of the devices in my house can connect to it. Are there any special settings I need to change in the Media Center Web Control? I've deleted and reinstalled the network, added the MAC address, but nothing seems to work. Any advice?

Madison Heights, MI
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I am running a airport extreme dual band in bridge mode, and turned off the wireless on the gateway. it worsk well and its all tied together with a gig switch.


Naperville, IL
Is there anyway to get a static route on the UltaTv?

192.168.0 is UltraTV network
192.168.1 is my HTPC network.

192.168.1 network points to 192.168.0 as its gateway. 192.168.1 machines have have internet access and access to the UltraTV router setup page.

192.168.0 machines can ping 192.168.1 routers on the their router's 192.168.0 IPs but not their 192.168.1 IPs. However 192.168.0 machines can not access the 192.168.1 routers setup pages via their 192.168.0 or 192.168.1 IPs. 192.68.1 machines can the 192.168.1 router setup pages via their 192.168.0 and 192.168.1 IPs.