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Satellite Internet in today's fiber world?

Hi everyone,

I need some views on the topic of satellite internet v/s fiber.

In today's world where there's so much fiber connected or 3G internet provision, why would one use satellite internet or VSAT? Isn't it like moving backwards in time?
Even though we see the world is completely connected by undersea fiber-optic cables and fiber being one-third the price of satellite internet?

Yet we see satellites being taken up to space to provide satellite internet and companies trying to sell such services.

Would appreciate if you could share your views on this.


Fredericksburg, TX
If you live in rural USA, like I do, sometimes you don't have a choice if you want Internet. DSL and cable only reach a fraction of the US population, outside of major urban areas, so at times if you want Internet it's a choice between slow dial-up or satellite.

I've been "lucky", in that I have a cell phone tower near by, so I can use 3G. Because if it wasn't for that cell tower, I'd be on Satellite today. The irony is, that I only live 5 miles outside of Fredericksburg Texas, which has Verizon/AT&T/TWC Internet up to the eye-balls, but outside the city limits, it's an Internet wasteland!

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
reply to bizres3
If you have access to fiber (or anything else) there is no reason for sat, only a very last resort