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[FireFox] Rolling Out HTTPS Google search

May 9th, 2012 -Sid Stamm, Mozilla Privacy Blog via Future Releases Blog

Now in Aurora
: Secure Google Searches are default. In Aurora when you search using the location bar, search box, or the right-click menu, your search will be sent to Google through a secure (HTTPS) connection. You won’t notice a difference in how you search, but your Google search suggestions and search results will be presented through a secure web site.

Enabling HTTPS for these searches shields our users from network infrastructure that may be gathering data about the users or modifying/censoring their search results. Additionally, using HTTPS helps providers like Google remove information from the the referrer string. While Google users may expect Google to know what they are searching for, Firefox users may not be aware these search terms are often transmitted to sites they visit when they click on items in the search results; enabling HTTPS search helps sites like Google strip this information from the HTTP referrer string, putting the user better in control of when and to whom their interests are shared.

Encrypting our users’ searches is our next step into giving users better control over their data online. Enabling HTTPS for Google searches helps Firefox users maintain better control over who sees things they search for — queries that are often sensitive. We’re excited to see this improvement in our upcoming releases now that we, with Google’s help, have been able to provide our users a secure and responsive secure search.

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Hilo, HI
It is "default". That means you can turn it off and have regular Google search? I don't want secure search as that bypasses Proxo. I don't use Google anyway. I use Google Sharing proxy instead which is secure search but it PROPERLY SHIELDS the user from GOOGLE amassing a gigantic profile on the user. Mozilla is really showing who owns them with this crap about secure Google search. The user needs to be MOST OF ALL shielded from Google!

If Mozilla had any credibility and integrity left they would have incorporated Google Sharing Proxy into Fx. But since Google owns them now they had to instead lie to users and gloss over the fact that Google amassing a profile on them is far worse than some website gathering information from the referrer string, etc.
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson


Cote Saint-Luc, QC

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Click on the search engine dropdown menu and click "Manage Search Engines...". Now click "Get more search engines". Now get a Google Search that doesn't use SSL.

EDIT: Or use another search engine like Duckduckgo or something like that.