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Gillette, NJ
reply to thorhtpc

Re: [DVR] Set Top Box price increase

I don't know if they still do this, but back when I got Directv after years of having cable they sold you the boxes upfront which, if I was going to keep the service for a good long while, seemed to make more sense than renting the box for a few years.
After having cable tv for years I looked at the bill one month and wondered "at what point will I have paid for this box in full and the company will be making a profit off of these rentals?"

Downingtown, PA

DirecTV no longer sells their boxes - they haven't for some time. Oh, you can get them to sell them to you, if you're willing to pay full price for them (e.g. if you're willing to shell out $800 for a DVR). In reality, at the end of the day, it all kind of evens out anyway. The DBS companies give you a discount on the up-front cost of the boxes by signing a contract. Cable companies tend to charge you the full lease fee every month for the hardware, but give you reductions in the cost of service if you sign a contract.

Which is better? At the end of the day, it probably all works out in the wash. I didn't like the fact, though, that with DirecTV replacing my hardware meant that I was signing a new contract. Besides, with the cable model, if I want to continue getting a discount, I just renew my service contract. I can't do that with DirecTV.