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Re: Netgear/Westell 7550 Downstream Sync?

Sounds like you are getting all the speed you can get


Yeah, if you figure in the 13% standard overhead due to setup, then the 16,000 or so feet of line between me and the dslam, then the fact that the line switches from 22 to 24 back to 22 gauge along the way, around a 20% difference in sync is in the neighborhood of the max I'm going to get; so, as of now... and since the day he came out, even though he didn't do anything afaik, my connection is back to normal.

I didn't get a call from anybody concerning it, nor does it appear that I disconnected at any point; but, it appears to be fixed. I did notice the customer survey department called yesterday; so, I guess that means they're done working on it.

However, I still can't explain the difference in the sync rates of the 2Wire (2900) vs the Netgear/Westell (2000), besides maybe just the Netgear/Westell is cheaply made. I can say they've sent me several Westells in the past and they've almost all died within 6 months; so, I would logically assume they're just cheaply made.

They said that they don't even have the 2Wires anymore and can only give the Netgear/Westell 7550 as a replacement; so, I guess if my 2Wire ever does go bad, I'll have to buy a used one off ebay.