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This is a sub-selection from am i missing something?


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Re: am i missing something?

If you read the entire post It not the the retention deal that cant be matched that upsets me Its all Comcasts extra fees, With almost anyone else It can be bypassed in various ways. Also ATT is not doing me a favor they have been offering DSL Internet services for $15 for almost a decade. Before I even became a member on BBR 8 yrs ago I had ATT DSL 1.5mpbs for $14.99 and so have many others the offer has carried over time after time. My main complaint is paying Comcast $7 a month for 1 voip phone/Internet box I could purchase outright with other services and save myself down the line and $5 per mth each for xfinity basic cable boxes. (which is pointless as I have NO specialty services and did not need this box when I had regular basic cable) I still only have the same limited channels as before but am paying an extra $10 a month for basic TV service due to needing a box NOTE: that NEVER turns off ( no built in power switch it must be unplugged) so its also a power vampire and Comcast is not paying my electric bill. For upping our electric bill they could at least not charge customers $5 for the basic xfinity digital cable box .
This is a sub-selection from am i missing something?