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reply to bt

Re: Phantom PING Apprehended !

said by bt:

Yeah, I think I got tricked by the Speedtest.net auto-selected server in regards to ping. It selected Hamilton which tested around 40ms, and still does, while Toronto tests at 19ms.

It looks to me like Speedtest.net's algorithm for selecting servers is pretty basic.

It seems to ignore a farther server altogether, purely based on perceived distance by IP registrant, regardless of actual ping.

I'm in Eastern ON and if I let it choose FOR me, it most often picks Kitchener, as my IP is registered to START in London.

When with TSI, that & many other geolocating sites had thought that I was in Chatham - funny enough.

And when with GOUGEco, it usually picked Kanata (near Ottawa), which must mean that Cogeco has their IPs organized into sub-pools by area.


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