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Roslindale, MA

[HD] New HD Channels coming to Groton CT System June 12th

My parents Comcast system is gaining 23 HD channels coming June 12th. Their system is the last one to get major upgrades in CT. Still pathetic compared to Directv or Dish Network but its a start. Most of these channels I will watch. 8 New HD channels launching May 30th


Weirton, WV
what channels are they adding?


Groton, CT
There was a short article in our local paper which basically might as well have been the OP's first sentence - I haven't seen any mention on the bills and the newspaper had no list either. I'll hopefully find out in June.

Comcast adds HD channels in Groton area

By Lee Howard

Publication: The Day
Published 05/08/2012 12:00 AM
Updated 05/07/2012 11:55 PM
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Ongoing digital upgrade does not affect the rates

Comcast has announced the launch of 23 new high-definition channels in its Groton market, including eight that will be available starting May 30, as the company continues the process of converting customers from analog to digital service.

The Groton area includes the Naval Submarine Base, Ledyard, Stonington, North Stonington and Voluntown. The Clinton area, which includes Old Saybrook, Chester, Deep River, Durham, Essex, Haddam, Killingworth and Westbrook, started the same conversion in February, and several more channels are to be converted to high definition today, including CNN and ESPN.

Conversions are intended for those with Limited Basic or Standard analog services or people with Digital Starter plans who need converter boxes for additional televisions. Rates for the various Comcast plans will remain the same.

"This is the first phase (in Groton)," said Comcast spokeswoman Kristen Roberts during an interview at the East Lyme Starbucks coffee shop. "The world is going digital."

Groton is the last area in Connecticut to go through the conversion process.

One benefit of the conversion, according to Roberts, is a faster Internet speed. Customers also will receive more choices for on-demand programming and access to additional high-definition channels and interactive features.

No installation costs are charged for customers who are able to make the conversion themselves using a self-install kit with easy instructions, she added.

Roberts said cable subscribers have been notified several times about the switchover, which will require them to acquire digital converter boxes. Anyone who hasn't received a converter will see a black screen on the eight new channels, reminding them that they should call Comcast at

1 (877) 634-4434 to arrange to receive up to three boxes at no additional charge.

Customers also can pick up the converters at Comcast's service center at 401 Gold Star Highway in Groton.

Anyone with more than three TVs will be charged an extra $1.99 a month for each additional box required.

Roberts said more than 93 percent of Comcast's customers in the Groton area are served by a digital signal. Customers do not need a high-definition TV to make the conversion, which is expected to be completed in the Groton area by August.

The digital conversion follows Comcast's launch in March of Xfinity Home in Connecticut, offering security features as well as the ability to remotely adjust thermostats and lighting. In February, Comcast also launched Xfinity Streampix, a subscription video service that allows instant access to movies and TV shows on a variety of platforms.

"You can have your entertainment wherever you are," said Laura A. Brubaker, a Comcast spokeswoman for western New England.


Augusta, GA
You're just now getting ESPNHD?

And I thought my area was lousy. That's awful.


Roslindale, MA
Espn and Espn2 are part of the existing HD channels in the groton Comcast System. Here is the listing of the HD Channels coming June 12 per avs forum

USA Network HD
Syfy HD
Discovery HD
Animal Planet
History HD
Food Network HD
Disney HD
ABC Family HD
NBC Sports Network HD
Golf Channel HD
Comcast Sportsnet New England HD
Universal HD
Palladia HD
Science Channel HD
National Geographic HD
NFL Network HD


Horsham, PA
Wow! Those channels were added like in 2006 to the 'burbs of Philly. Back when there was INHD/INHD2 and Discovery HD Theatre showed HD eye candy type material.


Roslindale, MA
The Groton system is a Lower Bandwith system that had to be upgraded to get these channels. I agree other systems have had these channels for years. I suspect after the Groton CT system goes all digital in Aug that another round of channels is coming. I also hope they upgrade the old boat anchor Scientific Atlanta equip to some more modern cable boxes, My parents HD DVR is huge, almost twice the size of my directv HD DVRS. Velocity the rebranded HD Theater is one of the Channels my parents get currently.


Roslindale, MA
I just checked and my parents have gotten the first wave of hd channels that were coming. Tvgude.com and titian tv does not list them yet. I am going to get a hd tv for my bedroom here now that channels I like are here finally.


Roslindale, MA
The channels look great. Better bandwith and not as bit starved as they were before. Next wave of 28 or so channels comming July 17th. I hope they remove the old channel numbers in the 200s soon. ALSO Remapping them to the SD Channel numbers would help like Cablevsion, Directv, and Dish network will got my mother to use the HD channels instead of the out of foucs SD ones.


New Groton channels are up.


Roslindale, MA
Still not listed on Tvgide.com or titantv.com, only on comcast.net website


Groton, CT
I noticed they added WGBH-2 HD (PBS Boston) at #1002