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out there

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June / August WISP Equipment For Sale or Wanted

If anyone has any extra equipment to sell, or wants to buy some please feel free to post it here. Please note the rules regarding this thread below:

ABSOLUTELY NO RESELLERS!!!! Any reseller posting within this thread will be immediately placed on a three day watch which means all posts will need to be approved to a moderator prior to posting. No exceptions.

Editing a post - If you need to edit a post, please bear in mind that you can't edit your post beyond the following day of your original post. So, if you want to edit your post, make sure you edit it on the same day you posted or IM one of your forum hosts to edit the post for you.

Once you sell (or buy) your equipment, please contact the forum host to let me know that the post can be deleted. This will help us to keep the posts current.

Do not reply with your questions/comments/etc. to sellers within this thread. Send them an email, an IM or give them a call. This will help keep the thread restricted to sales/wanted posts.

Sellers and buyers - please be sure you have supplied contact information if you are not a site member that can be reached by IM.
Sellers - please list preferred payment methods

Please remember -no chit chat in this thread
Do not ask questions about items listed in the thread. Contact the seller by IM, email or whatever contact method was given.
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Toronto, ON
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Motorola Subscriber Units

I have 63 Subscriber Units available for sale. The ic number for the units are 109am-osu 35100.
Got the units at a company close out auction and have not been able to test them.
Want to sell the whole lot so please bid accordingly.
I can be reached at
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Phoenix, AZ
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Re: June / July WISP Equipment For Sale or Wanted

I have a Bridgewave AR80X with 1' antennas that is 3 years old but it was only up for 1 year. Went into storage and then to Bridgewave to test for proper operation. Was going to put it back up but don't need it any more.

Best offer over $5K.


Baltimore, MD
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I'm looking for canopy 5200SM's or AP's P10 or higher at reasonable prices. Also looking for a testing system for canopy PMP products that may or may not be assembled. Shoot me an email at



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reply to seagreen
Time to clean up the shop....

12 x used Canopy 900 Integrated CPEs. P9 and P10. All working. Power Supplies included. $450 new. Asking $100 each, or $1000 for the Lot.

3 x USED Canopy 900Mhz Connectorized CPE. W/11db Flat Panel. $500 new. Asking $100 ea.

1 x ATI 900Mhz 10db flat panel. Never used. $190 new. $50 takes it away

5 x NEW 900Mhz x 17db yagi. Paid $112 ea. Asking $50 ea.

5 x USED 900Mhx x 17db yagi. Paid $112 ea. Asking $25 ea.

Also 900 Mhz Amphenol 11db HPOL Omni. » ··· 973&sc=0 REALLY nice antenna. Brand new in the box. Paid $1,400. $300 gets it out of my way.

Give me $1,200 for ALL the above and I'll THROW IN 1 x Used Canopy 900 P9 AP with Power supply.

Buyer pays shipping.

PM if interested.

[Mod Note: All items sold --kc]

Seth T
reply to seagreen
I am finally going to try and clean my office out!

This is what I have:

95 used "Proxim MP-8100-CPE-100a-WD" not a one of them was used longer than 10 months and all of them work flawlessly. They come with all the original accessories including POE injector, Power cord, mount and weather proofing caps.

6 Brand New, from the factory, never used "Proxim MP-8100-BSU-WD" They do not have any of the original accessories, Just the Base Station and that is all. I believe you can get the accessories kit for a little over $100.

2 Used "Proxim MP-8100-BSU-WD" They work great and have all the accessories.

2 Used "Proxim QB-8150-EPR-WD" They work great and have the mounting brackets but nothing else.

2 Used "Proxim 4.9 -5.95 Ghz 120 Degree Sector / Panel Antennas and the 4 6' Coax Cable that go with these antennas.

I will sell the lot or individually give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any questions or want to make me an offer.

325.200.2150 or
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Phoenix, AZ

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Re: June / July WISP Equipment For Sale or Wanted

This radio is sold.


Dekalb, IL
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I am looking to move some equipment:

•1x Redline AN-50 PtMP 5.8 GHz link with an extra ODU, most likely doesn't work, but could be used for spare parts. A refurb house offered me $40 + S&H for it
•1x Redline AN-80 PtP 5.4 GHz link, missing one IDU, worked when removed. Looking to get $400 + S&H
•1x Redline AN-100 3.65 link, worked when removed. Looking to get $500 + S&H
•1x Radwin 1000 5.8 GHz link, worked when removed, looking to get $200 + S&H
•2x Redline 3.65 GHz panels. Asking $250 + S&H
•Several Redline\MTI 5.8 GHz panels believed to be MT-486001. Sells for $375/each at several web stores, asking $250 + S&H


Wynnewood, OK
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Re: Motorola Subscriber Units

i would love to see a list please very interested if you still have these. or call 580-445-8806 thanks.

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Re: June / July WISP Equipment For Sale or Wanted

shutdown my wisp about 3 years ago. I have a bunch of equipment to sell for a great price.
I want to sell it all as one, but i might split it up depending on equipment you want.

All can be had for $15,000

Heres the list:
Selling complete solution for a wireless internet service provider. This stuff retails for nearl $40,000. All the gear is top quality Motorola Canopy unless noted otherwise. I'd say half is used, but a lot of the SMs were never installed.

19 5.7 ghz Subscriber Modules
1 5.7 ghz - Access Point
1 5.7 ghz - Backhaul
22 5.7 ghz - Stingers 12 dB
20 900 mhz Subscriber Modules
2 900 mhz Access Points
24 900 mhz Stingers 10.5 dB
5 5.7 ghz - Cyclone Roto Stingers
3 GPS Antenna's for CMM's
5 Canopy Power Surge Suppressor
2 900 mhz Maxrad Panel Antenna
3 Power Management Module Micro (CMM)
1 900 mhz Horazontal Polarized Omni - Directional Antenna 9.2 dBi w/bracket
1 5.7 ghz Canopy Horizontal Polarity Converter Compatible w/reflector dish
5 RCL -1 After Market Reflector Dish 17 db
2 Canopy 27 RD Reflector Dish
1 5.7 ghz Cyclone Antenna m/5750
1 Trangolink -45 Point to Point Backhauls m/P5055m-23-us Pair - Link
1 5.7 ghz 120 deg Horizontal Polarized Sector Antenna 15 dBi
1 900 mhz Til-Tek Antenna m/TA-926H-4-120
11 900 mhz yagi Antennas
2 Subscriber Module Headsets
1 Moxa Panel Switch m/305
7 Roof Top Tripods
1 Box of Subscriber Module Arm Mounts

Contact me at:

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
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Re: June / August WISP Equipment For Sale or Wanted

IDE 40 gig Hitachi drive, Free!! Just pay $100 for the Mikrotik Level 6 Controller license. Value $250!

Also several XR2 and XR5 cards, all working order available.
Netgear FS726T web smart vlan managed switch with rack ears.
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