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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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Re: Cogeco's Broken Usage Meter

Now that I have left Cogeco proper and taken my business to START Communications TPIA with service delivered thru Cogeco's new Ontario POI, I no longer need to lament what kind of usage meter that Cogeco has, nor how it behaves, regarding waiting sometimes 5 days between updates, even near the end of a billing period, nor worry about its accuracy.

Besides I now have a much more generous monthly cap and a lower fee for excess usage above that cap, so it is much less necessary to check any usage meters.

And Cogeco's silly email policies do not affect me any more, as START will communicate with me at the external email address of MY choice, just as it SHOULD be.

BUT, those of you who have stayed with Cogeco are still risking the same issues as I chose to avoid by making this change.

You would be well advised to read thoroughly the current thread, and the one about the 'Usage Based Billing (UBB) Nightmare', »[Burloak] Usage Based Billing Nightmare , as well as the one where Cogeco's CEO Audet says that he doesn't need certain customers »"Undesirable" customers: Cogeco, Audet

Oh yes, and how could I forget THIS thread - the one most near and dear to MY heart - the thread about Cogeco's ridiculous email policies and flawed Webmail client : »Why Cogeco Subscribers are NOT Notified

All of those are in the Cogeco forum.

Then you will be better able to decide what to do with your Internet budget, which, BTW, could stretch farther, as START's rates are lower.

I saved $15 plus HST per month by changing to START.

My Cogeco plan was 30/2 with a 175GB cap.

My Start plan is 16/1 with a 300GB cap.

Neither had contracts nor bundle discounts.

The cap was more important to me than the speed, and your needs may vary from mine.

Both plans need to use a Docsis 3 (D3) modem to work at their best during peak periods - aka minimal congestion.

Cogeco's network currently only approves one model of D3 modem, which is the Cisco DPC3000, with hardware revision 2.

My actual feed thru START is solid and reliable, just as the direct Cogeco feed had proven to be in our community.

That part of things was never an issue for me - Instead the Cogeco politics and policies were, and START runs things in a much more common sense manner, and with better communications from Customer Service.

However, it never hurts to save some money too.

Cheers !

BTW, portions of this post may become part of a review or two.


We have only 2 things about which to worry :
(1) That things may never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !
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Or you can still use Canadian Broadband.

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