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[TV] Audio Out Options on Scientific Atlanto 8300

Off Topic--My deepest, deepest.

What is the better audio out option ? There are three obvious ports at the back-digital, optical and audio out. Can someone explain the difference ? I would like the sound from the cable music channels to go to the stereo speakers and then be able to turn off the TV. Anyone who listens to these channels , recently with value added, will understand.
The distance to the old receiver is an issue--around and about the room--maybe 20 feet.
The receiver -a Yamaha 596 -uses analog in ports so perhaps "audio out" is the correct out port . Is it active on the Rogers system, what about the distance factor ?


Mr. Wireless

just use the analog l/r outputs, you may not even notice any difference

reply to troop
Depends more on your receiver then anything...

I've got a Pioneer VX series, that has optical and digital inputs, as well as the ol' analog L/R RCA's...

My STB (and BluRay and AppleTV) all connect to my TV via HDMI, then an optical out from the TV goes to the optical in on my reciever...

What I did (for the exact same reason as you...) was run a co-ax with RCA ends from the digital out on the STB, to the digital in on my reciever. That way, I can switch off the TV when I'm just listening to a music channel... Works great, I still get surround for channels that broadcast it.

The analog L/R will also work fine, but you're down to stereo sound - dunno if that's an issue for you or not... But it will work just fine, too.

thx for the answers