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Carlsbad, CA

Seeking faster speed in North County San Diego

Currently I have a great deal with Time Warner Business Cable : 15/2 with 5 static IPs for $120/month. I keep asking TWC for faster speeds, but it seems that whereas they've upgraded their consumer (RoadRunner) side to DOCSIS 3 with 50/5 speeds, they are not willing to tell me anything about plans for doing the same on business side.

I'm sure they will eventually, but I'm interested in something better now.

I'd be willing to pay $200, perhaps up to $300/month if I could get a substantially better upload speed. 5mpbs would be good, 10mbs would be even higher.

If you have any options for 15/5 or better with 3 static IPs, and can do this cheaper than $300/month, please PM me and I'll give you my address info.

Thank you!


Your budget is way too low to get into something with good upload speeds. Even if TW offered you a 15/5, you are getting shared bandwidth, so your 5MB connection goes down to 1MB when the kids in the adjacent neighborhood get home from school. So cable is cheap, but it's cheap for a reason.

If you can get into the $450+ range, we might be able to get you qualified for a few of our partner ISP promotions. I'm thinking you would do very well with a dedicated 3x3 circuit if we could get your phones included for free. Some questions:

- How many phone lines does your business have/need?
- Do you use VoIP (or willing to upgrade)?

These circuits come with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which means they are guaranteed to perform - so you actually will get what you pay for.

You can email me directly at if you are interested in learning more.


Carlsbad, CA
Thanks for the reply. That's not very good news, though.

I'd gladly pay $200 -$300 per month for a no-compromise increase in performance, but simply not willing to pay more for less. A 3x3 circuit would give me a 75% reduction in download speed with only 33% increase on upstream.

I understand SLAs and oversubscription, but in my neighborhood the business class cable modems are not oversubscribed, so I see solid bandwidth 24/7 at the advertised rate.

Phones: no need. Small business and we all use cells.
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