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Birmingham, AL

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reply to Canezoid

Re: AT&T's bad tech support

said by Canezoid:

1. your post is kinda rambling, so I'm not sure what your exact point is.

2. DSL phne tech support have tool utilities they use per their helpdesk training and this in no way relates to what network techs do in the field. So what they may be telling you on phone may be a baseline response for what they are seeing per their testing tools. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

3. Have you tried direct connecting to your NID location w/ the modem to see if whatever problem your having follows ? Doesn't sound like you did.

4. The static on your landline may be indicative of an unfiltered connection inside the house from your CPE. If a tech finds this to be an alternate issue on another dispatch, that is considered billable labor, so you better check your filtering inside for what you have plugged into the telephone jacks.

Just my 2c.

I have done all of that before calling so called tech support. After a tech came by i have none of those issues. I think it depends on how the staff is trained. I was working as an IT, and it did not take me even 15min. to solve a clients issue unless it was a complex issue like hardware problem. Lets say customer's computer is infected with a trojan or a virus i would not tell a customer he will need to buy a new PC, because it got very slow or unresponsive.

End of line

Powder Springs, GA

Ok, you sound like your rambling again, 1st you say you have issues & you've already done that, to having a tech come out and not having issues, so I guess your ok then.

It's nice that you were in "IT" but doesn't really mean much for this does it, get off that band wagon and yes/no it dependence on training for inside staff on the HD still has nothing to do w/ how techs handle things in the field.

Peace out.