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It Is Almost Fast
Sacramento, CA
reply to caffeinator

Re: End of Windows XP support means beginning of security...

said by caffeinator:

said by pokesph:

There is STILL no viable upgrade path from XP to Win7!

Once this is addressed, then us XP holdouts may consider updating.
We'll take our chances after EOL

A clean install is the only way: »windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wind···indows-7

Who here doesn't do a nuke 'n pave when it's install time anyways...even on the same OS?

I did a clean install going from XPpro to Win7 x32 and did it again when going from Win7 x32 to x64. Which was about two years on each version...it was time anyways IMHO.

I don't see what the big deal is for a proficient user to have to do a clean install for a new OS. I thought that was pretty much SOP.

problem with that is this a daily working pc.. all my apps and programs are here, some from 5 or 6 yrs ago and not easily replaced or re-installable.

in order for win7 to fully take hold for current xp users, a direct migration path needs to be provided.
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I understand that, in fact I use an XP VM to run a game from 1997 and apps that no longer work in Win7. But, I can do that faster in a Win7 VM with nearly the same hardware as I ran XP on back in 2009.

If you're talking about a corporate environment, well, that's different. Still, time marches on and MS doesn't care about the past that much. They are moving away from the desktop market and into cloud/mobile dev more and more as time passes.

But, if as a home user you have a dual-core with even 3GB of RAM, it will run better on Win7 than XP. It's so much more efficient it's ridiculous.

My old PIII's and P4's I used to run old stuff on collect dust now...there's just no point to them now that I can run any OS I want virtually in Win7 x64. Hell, I could even take my old Win2K box and turn it into a VHD if I still cared to.

"Time wounds all heels" it's been said, and it's especially true in the computing world.

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Burnt Out Cynic
reply to pokesph

It's not microsoft's fault you can't replace these applications, or even have the installation media available any longer. I agree it's easy enough to run xp in a vm for applications of this nature as long as they don't require direct access to hardware, which your vm may even allow. I have an XP vm, but I mostly use it for testing out software these days. I'll have to retire it soon as there is nothing I need to run that only runs on XP.
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